Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Future

So as I'm writing this, it appears my future is being talked about.  I just found "MY" future today as a Jib Jab video producer, but apparently Mom and Dad weren't impressed!  From the sounds of it, I'm going on a trip in December, get to come home for a few weeks, and then basic training!  I thought I was going into the Army, but maybe I over reacted!  I'm going to get to spend some time in the south learning how to run better and work birds.  I'm all for that!  What dog wouldn't want to go look for birds?  Stay tuned for updates and new videos from Executive Producer "JJ"  Here's a sample of my work so far.  Signing of "JJ"  "The Buttcracker"

1 comment:

  1. Joshua James! How could you drag sweet Blaze and Madison into your "teenage" film attempt? It was cute, but can't you use your talents in a more constructive way?
    You tell the story of how the possum wasn't really playing dead or "I save the pigeon from the evil hawk", couldn't you? Well maybe after watching Mitch Albom you will gain a different perspective.
    your loving pillow-Momma L